Last updated: December 3, 2020

Here's something we've said a lot over the last 9 months:

"Change of plans!"

After attempting to resume in-person all-church gatherings in October, we are once again adapting to the reality of COVID and altering our approach. Beginning this month, we will no longer be meeting in person on the first and third Sundays of the month at Carnahan Hall. Instead, we will be trying out some new rhythms to nurture a sense of community in these unusual times.

Starting this weekend, be on the look-out for a weekly teaching video that will be posted to our Facebook page. These are designed to help connect our church family to truths of Scripture in a relevant and applicable way. We encourage you to set aside some time to watch those each week.


But here's the deal: Watching a video is a long way from enjoying the sort of community that Jesus calls us to. So we want to take it a step further. That's why on the first and third Sundays of the month at 11:00am, we'll be having a Zoom meet-up for everyone to connect, discuss the teaching from that week, and pray together. We believe that this added component is important and necessary to maintain a sense of connectedness. We'll send the Zoom link each week through our text and email list. (If you're not on those lists, please email to get added!)

The rest of the month outside those two Sundays, we will continue to gather (safely or virtually) in our Missional Families. Some MFams might choose to watch or discuss the week's teaching video together; others may go a different direction. But we hope that however you find yourself connecting with others in your MFam, these times of interaction will prove to be encouraging and enjoyable.

Thanks you so much for being patient and flexible with our ever-evolving plans. We look forward to seeing you soon...virtually!