Renewal Church is a new community of faith, formed in the summer of 2018 around a shared passion for the mission of God in Lafayette, Indiana. We believe God is at work in our community, and we want to be a part of it. Although we're just getting started and figuring things out as we go, we have a big dream for the future. Here's a little taste of what we have in mind. We'd love for you to join us.



We want to be a church where anyone can feel at home. Surrounded by seekers, skeptics, and spiritual nomads, we believe God has called us to be a refuge for pilgrims at any stage of their spiritual journey. Together, we want to cultivate an environment in which faith can be explored, love can be experienced, questions can be asked, and good news can be found. We strive to provide a community of belonging for everyone. Some of us have been in the church our whole lives. Some of us once loved the church but we're now sorting through wounds or disillusionment we've sustained along the way. Some of us have long believed that we don't belong in the church at all. Regardless of where you find yourself, we hope you can find a home in our family.


We're all busy. We're all stressed. We're all pulled in a hundred different directions. But at Renewal Church, we want to learn to slow down, make time for each other, and prioritize the relationships God has given us. Regardless of how our church may grow and change, we want to remain committed to the simple gift of presence. We started out in a living room, and we never want to lose the "living room" feel. In a culture that often pulls us apart and leaves us isolated in our individualized, disembodied lives, we're trying to swim against the current. Sometimes this can get messy (true community always is!), but we believe it's a mess worth making. (Learn more about our developing vision for pursuing authentic community here.)


At the heart of who we are and who we want to be is the conviction that true faith is active faith. God has called us to love our neighbors, to seek justice, to practice mercy. We may not always do these things well, but we want to see each member of our family taking strides of obedience in all of these areas. We cannot understand our identity as a church apart from understanding our calling to participate in the mission of God's kingdom. We're not here to talk about nice-sounding ideas or to jump through religious hoops. We're here to make a difference in this world by participating in the movement of God.


As we discern the unique expression of church that we have been called to, we believe we'll be at our best when our life together is rooted in and reflective of the surrounding culture. To that end, we're pursuing an organic, "movemental" approach to church life that is embedded within the fabric of Greater Lafayette. We don't own a church building. We don't have lots of attractional programs. We're not looking for ways to get people onto our "turf." We just live as kingdom citizens within this beautiful city we call home, loving our neighbors and embracing the relationships God has given us. Sure, you can find us gathering for worship regularly like normal churches. But you're just as likely to find us hanging out a local park, strolling through a street festival, or gathering at a local brewery.

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