Our Directional Team is a vital expression of our shared community life.

The Directional Team is appointed to help the church cultivate an environment marked by healthy community, intentional mission, and sound leadership. The Directional Team serves as a representative body, participating in vital leadership conversations and decision-making processes on behalf of the church family. Members of this team work closely with pastoral leadership to realize the principles of Proverbs 11:14: “Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety.”

There are three primary functions of the Directional Team:

1. Pastoral Accountability: Regularly assessing the spiritual health of the pastor(s) on behalf of the church family, offering counsel in various areas of pastoral decision-making, and ensuring that the church is being served well through effective leadership and pastoral care.

2. Organizational Integrity: Overseeing the stewardship of church resources (both physical and financial) and tending to matters including personnel and staffing decisions, legal affairs, contractual agreements, conflict of interest considerations, and business dealings of the church.

3. Missional Faithfulness: Engaging in ongoing evaluation of the church’s progress in its stated mission, providing feedback on corporate structures and ministries, and assisting the staff in evaluating potential ministry opportunities and partnerships.

Current Team Members:

Johanna Caress (Chairperson)

Katrina Jenkins

Kyle Spontak

Steve Lindemann

Zach Martin

Drew Humphrey