The Missional Family is at the heart of our commitment to be a church that lives as brothers and sisters in shared pursuit of Jesus. This small community of men, women, and children is designed to be the primary means of experiencing church life within Renewal. It's a place for knowing and being known. A place for serving and being served. A place for loving and being loved.

This isn't a Bible study. Or a small group. Or a social club. It's the church as it was originally intended to be: relational, versatile, decentralized, rooted. For those who are weary of church as an institution, the Missional Family offers a refreshing new alternative: church as a lifestyle.  

But it's not just for those who are secure in their spirituality. It's a shared family space that is intimate and accessible. For those who aren't sure what they believe or have doubts and questions about Jesus, the Missional Family is a true place of belonging. There's no test to get it. We love crossing paths with people of different faiths (or no faith!), and we invite anyone to join us in exploring  the good news of Jesus and experiencing first-hand his renewal of all things.


Currently, we have four different Missional Families that gather regularly to share a meal, engage with the Scriptures, hang out with neighbors, and serve others. Each one is unique. Each one has its own vibe and finds its own way to cultivate community. But they all share a commitment to being present, being open, being real, being caring, and being humble. (You can read more about these commitments here.)

If you'd like to pop in and see what life in a Missional Family is all about, you're welcome anytime. Just fire an email to info@rclaf.com or contact one of the leaders below directly.


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