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This Sunday, November 24, we're taking a big step forward in our ongoing journey to move "church" beyond a Sunday morning gathering and into a complete way of life shared with brothers and sisters in a kingdom-shaped community. We have lots to talk about, and we'd love to have you join us for the conversation. During our regular gathering time at Carnahan Hall, we'll be spending our time clarifying the direction we're going, exploring some strategic questions, and seeking the Spirit's guidance together as a family of faith.

How can you prepare for the discussion?

First, make sure you're familiar with the overall direction we've been talking about for the last few months now. You can read about that direction and listen to a related message from a few months ago right here.

Second, have a look at the covenant document we've been sharing for the past few weeks. When we talk about doing church in community, we're talking about a big commitment from each of us. This document will give you a picture of what the commitment will look like.

And third, spend some time reflecting on the questions outlined in the discussion primer that we passed out this past Sunday. Coming into the conversation with some thoughts already developed will serve all of us well as we seek to discern God's direction for us.


See you Sunday!